Let’s create a home you can enjoy.


I’m more than a home decorator & DIYer — I'm your new decor-lovin' friend ready to help you find the perfect solution for your next room makeover.

I have spent a lot of time tackling decorating dilemmas and I'm so ready to share all my knowledge with you to guide you on the path to creating a home you can enjoy.

My collaborative approach will help you work through those decorating decisions and visualize your space.

Let's get started today!


The coffee chat was very low key and Christin was very easy to talk to. I liked that she reached out to gather as much information as possible in advance to make the most of our time. Christin agreed with several of my ideas and then built on them to make an even bigger impact-- without doing a total demo job on the kitchen. It was great to hear so many ideas that were based on simple decor changes that can give a room a whole new makeover vibe. I never would have thought about some of these suggestions and now I'm loving them and how they'll be able to update the space so simply!

— Susan B.



I'm glad you asked! Once you book through the link, you'll be directly inputted into my calendar!

Booking a coffee chat with me is a very non-formal way to get your ideas straight and get direction on what to do next. Making decorating decisions alone is no fun, so let me help you make them!

Here's how it all works...


Fill out a questionnaire ahead of time.

This is a quick and simple form you will fill out before we have our chat, so that I can get to know your dilemma ahead of time. This will allow our chat to be more productive!


Meet for 1-hour via video or phone chat.

You can choose if you'd rather meet via phone or have a video call via FaceTime or Zoom. Most of the time meeting on a video call is best so you can show me your space and we can have a more in-depth conversation in real-time, but I can also chat via phone if that's your jam!


Discuss your space & recommendations.

On the call, we will discuss your space and your most pressing decorating decisions. It is helpful to share with me your struggles, what you are thinking of doing, and what your dream plans are for this space in the immediate future.


Follow up information.

Before we end our call, I will let you know what I recommend for you moving forward. If there are things I want to research, I will do that outside of our call and follow up with you within the week. As you begin to make your decorating decisions, you will have my phone number to text me as much as you want within a week after our call.

In my recent coffee chat with Christin she began with asking me what vibe/style I was working toward which helped her navigate her recommendations. It was a perfect setup for someone like myself who has an idea of what I want and the style I want to achieve, but needs an expert like Christin to help with the putting everything together - the right size, the right spot, and the right color/texture/pattern combination. She even took some of my crazy ideas and modeled them virtually as being in the room to help me make my decor purchasing decision! Our coffee chat paired with her advice from the decorators playbook helped tremendously in the decor areas I was previously stuck on. Thanks Christin!

— Ashlyn L.


I’m Christin!

I'm a home-lovin' wife and mama of a sweet little girl and a camera-lovin' fur baby. My goal is to help you create a home you can enjoy now!

Cuz let's face it, asking your husband for decorating advice isn't working... and your kids have a long time before they're grown.

No more stressing or feeling overwhelmed about your home because, girl, you deserve a home that allows you to rest and relax. Let's help you get there!

Let's chat on how to make your space work for you!


Need more info?

If you'd like to know more about how the coffee chat will work, hit me up on Facebook messenger! Simply click the button below. Talk soon!



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