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I’m more than just a home decorator - I help fellow do-it-yourselfers, just like you, save time and money with every DIY decorating decision to help them create a home they can truly enjoy.

My collaborative approach provides a way for you to take your ideas and make them a reality through my visualization tools and decorating expertise. No more second-guessing or procrastinating because you aren't sure where to start or how to achieve the look you crave.

Think of me like your new decor-lovin' friend ready to help you find the perfect solution for your next makeover.

The 'Room Rescue' Package

Starting at $597

The 'Room Rescue' package is everything you need to take your room from overwhelming to beautifully functional. This package can be purchased as an in-home service if you live in the Indianapolis area or as an e-design service if you live outside of the Indianapolis area.

Design Board Example

Space Planning Example

Get to Know your Space

We will start with an introductory questionnaire and setup an additional video/in-person meeting to walk through your space. Direct messaging with me throughout the process is included as well.

2D/3D Design Board

A design board will be personalized to your needs and wants. Two revisions come standard with this package.

Room Layout Plan

Using the measurements of your room, I will provide you with an ideal space plan for the furniture you want to include.

Room Color Palette

Based on your color preferences, I will create a room color palette, so you can have a color game plan for your room.

Paint Color Recs

Based on your feedback, I will suggest a few paint colors to test in your space allowing you a chance to hone in on some paint colors versus all the colors.

Shopping List

Everything put in the design board will be presented in a shopping list format, so you can make your purchases.

Detailed Action Plan

Know precisely what to take action on and it what order with a detailed action plan for purchasing, DIY, etc.

2 Weeks of Post-Design Support

As you bring the design together, I will be available for questions and to help with any decisions you have making your purchases.

Note: Any of these items in the room rescue package can be purchased a la carte as well starting at $175.


"I knew what I wanted and you helped me put it into pictures/samples for my husband to be able to picture as well. I couldn't have convinced him without you!"

Paige W.

Broad Ripple Home Owner

Before & Afters

"I never thought my dream kitchen was possible until I met Christin. I had ideas, many ideas, of what I wanted to do with my kitchen. At first, I knew I simply needed new appliances, but that quickly changed to a complete remodel! I was so overwhelmed because I am a first time home buyer and had really no idea where to start.

I was connected with Christin and the moment she entered my kitchen I instantly knew this was all going to come together perfectly! We started with the basics of my likes and dislikes with the help of Pinterest. The best part was the virtual model on the computer. After that, things quickly came together.

Christin was with me every step from picking out my stain to finalizing my backsplash and countertops. She made sure to check in and make sure I wasn't compromising any of my ideas for the ideas of others. I am so grateful I was able to have someone like Christin along for the ride because I would not have this dream kitchen if it wasn't for her! Thank you so much for everything! Now let's talk about the bathrooms!"

Heather S.

Greenwood Home Owner

Before & Afters


First, I listen & learn.

I'll start with getting to know you and your space, including how you want the space to feel and function along with the struggles you are dealing with and any other information that is relevant to your project.  

Then, I get to work.

Using your ideas and a bit of research, we will take your inspiration and create visual tools to help you see your ideas come to life through a design board that fits your vibe and a space plan that makes your room feel like it was made just for you.

Lastly, I put together your plan.

Using your approved design board and space plan, I will create an action plan, shopping list, curated paint recommendations, and a means of reaching out for the two-weeks of design support.


I’m Christin!

I'm a home-lovin' wife and mama of a sweet little girl and a camera-lovin' fur baby. My goal is to help you save time and money on your way to creating a home you can enjoy now!

Cuz let's face it, asking your husband for decorating advice isn't working... and your kids have a long time before they're grown.

No more stressing or feeling overwhelmed about your home because, girl, you've waited long enough to start feelin' those home-lovin' vibes.


Let's get it done!

I cannot wait to meet you and get to know everything about your project! Get started today by filling out our client questionnaire below to help us know if we are a good fit for your needs.

If you have any questions before getting started, don't hesitate to reach out to me via email at christin@myhomierhome.com or direct message on Facebook or Instagram.


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