Save time and money without all the frustration

  • Wish you could see what your design choices will look like before you make any purchases?
  • Want to avoid the frustration of the buying and returning rut?
  • Ready to save yourself time and money with your room makeover?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the 'Try It On' Design Board is for you!


(Starting at $197)

How does the 'Try It On' design board service work?

There are two types of design boards you can choice...

  • You provide the items you want to try on for your space or
  • I complete the research and create a design board that I think would best fit your space and vibe.

For each option, you will get three revisions with your purchase, so no worries if you want to swap some things out after the first draft.

When you've made all your revisions, all that's left is to sit back while you confidently purchase all the room makeover goodies you tried on.

You will have peace of mind knowing what it will look like in your space and that it will all go together... how great is that?!

"My design board was awesome. Christin took my crazy ideas and modeled them virtually as being in the room. It was so helpful for making my decor purchasing decisions! I can't wait to use this service again for my next room."

-Ashlyn L



Hi! I'm Christin and I'm here to help you save time and feel confident in every DIY decorating decision.

After years of trial-and-error decorating, I finally figured out how to make decorating your home way easier and much more fun.

The 'Try It On' design board service is one of my favorites because it gives everyone, even the can't-quite-visualize-it person, a way to get a solid idea of what the room will look like before ever buying anything.

This is going to change your whole room makeover experience and I can't wait to help you do it!

Not sure if this is the right service for you?

Book a free discovery call below and I can help you decide based on your needs.