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I have so many great options to fit all kinds of home design and decorating needs for you and your family.

What I have found in my many years in the home decor and design space is you usually fit into one of four categories when you are looking to improve your home.

  • "I can't seem to visualize these ideas to know if they are all going to work together."
  • "I wish I could just ask a few questions to an expert so I can be sure I'm making the right choice without spending an arm and a leg."
  • "I need some serious guidance and support on how to create a home I love, enjoy, and functions for me and my family."
  • "I love home decorating, but need some direction."

Do any of these describe your current state? If so, I can help!

Here's my services breakdown


If you need help visualizing your ideas...

I offer a "Try It On" Design Board service, where you send me the items you are considering in your space and I put them in your room virtually. You will receive one room design board with 3 revisions included (starting at $197). For examples and more info, click the button below.



If you need to bounce ideas around...

A 1-hour Coffee Chat session is for you! This is a cost-effective option that allows you to ask me any questions you want in regards to your space.

Think of this like calling up a decor-loving friend that will help you make sure you're making the right decisions. You can purchase these in single sessions ($197) or 3-session bundles ($397). Click the button below to learn more.


If you need more one-on-one guidance...

This is perfect for someone who has limited time and knowledge, but really does want a decorator's touch in their home.

The Room Rescue service includes design/mood boards, space/floor planning, product sourcing, color palettes, paint color recommendations, shopping list, and 2-week design support (starting at $597 with a la carte options available as well). Learn more by clicking the button below.


If you are in need of direction...

I have so many free resources available on my blog, including DIY project tutorials and before-and-after room reveals. I also have an entire shop dedicated to helping you become a more confident decorator. Click the button below to learn more.


I'm so glad you found me! Let me take a second and introduce myself ...

My name is Christin. I'm a mom of 2.5 babies (a girl, a boy and a fur baby 😂) and I'm married to my main squeeze, Chris (fun fact: we met in high school when we were 14, you know, back when 3-way calling was a thing *lol*)

In college, I started as an Architectural Engineering major because my dream ever since I was a little kid was to design and build houses. However, I decided to become a high school math teacher after my first semester because of my math success there.

Teaching is definitely my passion, but my love for DIYing and creating my dream home has never left.

Enter My Homier Home!

When we moved from the Chicago 'burbs to the Indy 'burbs back in 2015, I had a unique opportunity to combine both of my passions to help you on your home lovin' journey and keep me connected with my DIY home-lovin' roots.

I have been helping women, just like you, save time and money with every DIY decorating decision ever since because I know how amazing it feels to finally create a space you love and enjoy.

Not only am I a home decorator & DIYer, but I'm your new decor-lovin' friend ready and waiting to help you find the perfect solution for your next room makeover... cuz girl, you've waited long enough!

I can't wait to meet you and get started!


Need more info?

If you'd like to know more about any of my home design and consultation services, you can also reach me on Facebook messenger! Simply click the button below.



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